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Light and Shadow



Classically trained in New York and Paris, Jim Jones has devoted his artistic career to documenting his observations of man and nature. His long experience with St. Simons Island's Left Bank Art Gallery exposed his mastery in paintings of coastal forests and moody seascapes, in a large number of successful exhibitions. Jones graduated from the University of Virginia in 1983. He studied painting and sculpture at the Art Students League of New York.

Equally accomplished in drawing, painting, and sculpture, Jones' more recent exhibitions have included oversized sculptures depicting man and beast in natural and sometimes otherworldly settings, using a variety of challenging materials, including fur, plaster, even concrete. Notably, his tour de force in concrete has become an iconic addition to the entryway of the Coastal College of Georgia.

Almost never without a brush or pen, Jones' work focuses, as if through a lens, upon the intricacies of life at the interface of land and sea. In this pursuit, he harks back to his youth, during which he spent many happy hours combing the beaches with his father for "specimens", many of which are reborn in his artistic reincarnation of "life at the edge".

Jones captures the mystery of the area. His work can be seen behind the main desk of The Cloister at Sea Island and in the hallway leading to the Spanish Lounge, in addition to other locations throughout The Cloister and The Lodge.

What is special about these works is Jones' treatment of positive and negative space, of three dimensional volume and of light and shadow, both real and imagined. His still life drawings, mostly using white ink, beg the observer to imagine what is behind or under the subject, or in its creases, in addition to what is obvious on surface inspection.

~Irwin Berman, May 2016~


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